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Colorado has some of the most serious, die-hard bicyclists in the country; they’ll strap on the snow goggles and ride to work as the flakes fall in below freezing temperatures. Coloradans view bicycles as both a tool and a toy, often at the same time. The Mile High City boasts a growing network of protected bike lanes on busy downtown streets. Bicycle amenities and fun family biking events are encouraging more people and families to travel, work and play by bike, which means Colorado needs even more Yuba Cargo Bikes than ever before.

SloHi Bike Company

This is a sleek urban bike shop with a great personality. What you won’t find here; “No pretentious BS.” They pride themselves making the bicycling lifestyle accessible to everyone, novice or experienced. Their goal is to get you the perfect bike and to make you feel good while riding it.

SloHi specializes in unique and off the wall bicycle styles, like Yuba cargo bikes, and they even do custom builds in-house.

SloHi carries Spicy Curry Bosch, Mundo LUX , Mundo ClassicBoda Boda, plus the Flip Flop cargo balance bike for kids.

This community focused bike company also offers free maintenance classes, hosts fun, family-oriented group rides and regularly supports the Colorado Mountain Bike Association.

There’s also a coffee shop…

SloHi Bike Co.
4434 West 29th Street
Denver, CO 80212
(720) 484-5359

Front Range Cargo Bikes

Specializing in Cargo, Family and Electric Bicycles, Front Range Cargo Bikes is dedicated to the bicycle lifestyle. They’re mission is to outfit all kinds of active families with the bike that will transform their lives.

They offer unique transportation solutions, kid carrying advice and reliable bike maintenance with a smile.

You’ll find Spicy Curry, Mundo LUX, Mundo Classic, Boda Boda,  and Flip Flop on their showroom floor.

For families who have a hard time traveling with kids, they offer pick-up and delivery service for new bikes, bikes needing maintenance, even for test rides.

What makes this bike shop unique is it’s excellent character. The folks at Front Range Cargo Bikes are fun loving to the max! They host fun group rides, family workshops and post excellent stories about their Colorado riding; fostering an inclusive community for all level of riders, women and family bikers alike.

Plus, they just opened the doors of a new brewery, Kettle and Spoke, that is serving tasty pints in the shop.

Front Range Cargo Bikes shares space with Green Guru offering locally made, up-cycled and vegan bicycle accessories for all your hauling needs.

Front Range Cargo Bikes
2500 47th Street, Unit 12
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 263-6549

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