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Spicy Curry in Seattle

Seattle is a bustling city with a vibrant downtown surrounded by culture rich neighborhoods. Bright green bike lanes connect the city’s busiest streets. There are hills no one tells you about. The city boasts a blooming Bike Share program and has a large number of bike friendly businesses and a progressive Bicycle Master Plan in action.

In short, this city loves bikes; more and more people are commuting by bike in Seattle each year and the electric bikes are growing in big numbers. Spotting a Yuba cargo bike in Seattle is as easy as looking at the nearest bike rack; they are everywhere. Seattleites just can’t get enough of the cargo bike lifestyle!

Yuba Cargo Bikes in Seattle

JRA Bike Shop

JRA Bike Shop has been dubbed “Seattle’s Friendliest Bike Shop” and for good reason, they are super duper friendly. They will happily service any old road steed or help you choose just the right bike for your life. Especially if it’s a Yuba Cargo Bike!

JRA Bike Shop is committed to promoting the bicycling lifestyle for everyone and are especially great at helping families adopt the cargo bike lifestyle.

With maintenance workshops, friendly staff and a community focused mission they have built an inclusive community for every level of rider, for families, and women cyclists. They also offer up free donuts and coffee every Saturday morning just to be nice!

JRA Bike Shop
1120 NW 85th Street
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 782-1323

Alki Bike & Board

These folks have it all; from fun family cargo bikes to mountain climbers to trikes for the kiddos. As family bike experts, they know all the best tips and tricks to carry your kids by cargo bike.

You’ll find Spicy Curry, Mundo V5, Mundo V4, elMundo V5, Boda Boda V3 and elBoda Boda V3 (coming back soon) available here.

Alki Bike & Board is dedicated to it’s West Seattle community, offering free maintenance workshops, promoting the bicycling lifestyle for all types of riders and family bikers and supporting local nonprofits working toward a better West Seattle.

They are a certified Green Store, supporting sustainable business practices and advocating for carbon neutral policies and lifestyle.

Alki Bike & Board
2606 California St.
Seattle, WA 98116
(206) 938-3322

Family cargo bikes in Seattle

G&O Family Cyclery

« G&O is a shop dedicated completely to cycling for transportation. We sell only the highest quality electric, cargo, family, and folding bikes. We specialize in helping folks who are interested in cycling, but concerned about the very practical barriers that keep so many adults with adult lives and responsibilities from riding. Electric assist to help just about anyone cycle Seattle’s hills, while managing their effort and their sweat! Cargo and family bikes to carry children, groceries, supplies and goods!
We are experts, riders, nerds, engineers, parents and sweethearts. »
8558 Greenwood Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98103

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