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  • Bread Basket add on for yuba cargo bike
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Avec le Bread Basket, le panier à vélo prend une nouvelle dimension. Conçu pour transporter deux packs de bière ou deux sacs de courses, et prévu pour supporter 25 kg, le Bread Basket ne rechigne pas à la tâche. Solide de par sa conception, le Bread Basket se fixe directement sur le cadre des vélos Yuba. Il ne tourne pas avec le guidon, ce qui le rend extrêmement stable pendant la conduite.

Il s’attache directement au cadre du Yuba Mundo (à partir de la version 3.2), du Boda Boda et du Spicy Curry. Seule la dernière version du Bread Basket est compatible avec les modèles Mundo LUX, Boda Boda et Spicy/ Sweet Curry.


  • Capacité de transport 25 kg
  • 48 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm
  • alliage
  • 1,4 kg
  • visserie incluse

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4 out of 5
0 Partages

Great product with one important caveat

I purchased the bread basket to add some much needed storage capacity to my Mundo for those occasions when I travel with my two toddlers. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The product is durable, well designed, attaches solidly to the bike (no rattles etc) and adds a surprising amount of storage capacity especially when using the cargo net.

If you are buying this breadbasket for a Mundo that is equipped with disc brakes, buy without hesitation. However, if your Mundo is equipped with V brakes continue reading prior to purchasing.

Short version of my caveat: the bars of the breadbasket that attach to the Mundo directly conflict with the operation of the front V brake. Steer to the right or left and the front brake cable either pulls or pushes against the breadbasket tensioning the front brake cable thus applying the brake. This is not a subtle nuisance, it either stops the bike or prohibits steering.

I tried to reroute the front brake cable around the conflict with no success. I took it to two different local bike shops and they couldn’t find a creative way to route the front brake cable.

The fix, is easy enough but it does cost money: install a front disc brake. This puts the brake cable operation down at the bottom of the front fork away from any potential conflict with breadbasket. I personally opted to install disc brakes front and rear and bought new brake levers. Parts and labor that cost an additional $360 for cable operated disc brakes front and rear and some nice new brake levers. The disc brakes are fantastic but it is certainly a lot more money than I anticipated spending in the first place.

One last important caveat: my 2011 V4 Mundo had brake levers that used a style of brake cable that is exceptionally hard to find in my So Cal neighborhood. It looks like a mountain bike cable but the barrel on the cable end is much bigger so mountain bike cables will not work. Why does that matter? Because if you go to install a new front disc brake you’ll need new cables and if they don’t carry that unique style cable, you may have to get new brake levers. That’s why I ended up purchasing new brake levers.

Nevertheless, no regrets from me. I love my bread basket, I love my new disc brakes and I continue to love my Yuba Mundo. My only recommendation is to do some advance planning so you know whether or not these issues do or do not apply to you.

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Paul Backstrom

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